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"Language and culture are the frameworks through which humans experience, communicate, and understand reality."

(Lev Vygotsky, 1968)

Aleksandra Lagendaal

Ik woon in Nederland en sta als ZZP'er open voor uitdagende projecten in de culturele- en/of NGO sector. Ik ben een ervaren drietalige projectcoördinator, liaison officier, fondsenwerver en mede-organisator van grote internationale culturele evenementen in binnen en buitenland.
Lees hier wat ik voor u kan betekenen.




AN advantages 

Overall project management
Leading a project from conception to completion.

Individual approach
You get assisted anytime, including outside working hours.

Trilingual support
Master degree in Dutch and English, fluent Russian speaker. 

Mobility & Flexibility
Ready for spontaneous meetings and business trips.


As a freelancer, I'm working on challenging projects in the cultural and / or NGO sector. I'm an experienced and enthusiastic trilingual (NL, EN, RUS) project coordinator, liaison officer, fundraiser and co-organizer of major international cultural events. 

Vlootschouw door Peter de Grote in Amsterdam, Abraham Storck, 1697

Phone: +31 6 4572 0900
KVK: 71336109 

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